Retirement - Overview

We can assist you with:
  • Selecting your investment strategy and investment structure in line with your preferences (i.e. protect capital, grow capital)
  • Targeting a specific retirement income in retirement and see whether this is feasible.
  • Taking into account Centrelink/DVA, Taxation and Estate Planning of investment strategies
  • Implementation of allocated pensions, super, annuities, managed funds or bonds as recommended
  • Determining your income needs in retirement and project how long your funds will last
  • Assessing your eligibility to contribute further funds to super and advice on contribution limits into super (if required)
  • Reducing fees you’ll pay for both management of funds and investments in super and pensions in retirement where possible
  • Calculating your taxable amounts, and the effect on your estate
  • Organising rollovers from multiple super funds, if applicable

If you decide to proceed with a financial plan with us, we provide you with a complete customised written plan that includes expert advice and recommendations. It contains full analysis and cash-flow projections.We will provide a 20 year projection for your retirement income streams, Centrelink and Net Estate Asset Positions.

Transition to Retirement Strategies

Allocated Pensions & Account Based Pensions