The Aussie Guide to Investing in Retirement


Have you ever wondered if you are going to have enough money to retire, or how long your money might last? Are you confused about all the different options? Get started on your retirement investing journey today with this easy to read, "plain English" illustrated eBook with 50+ pages of tips, strategies and options to prepare for your retirement - or make the most of your retirement now if you are already retired!

This eBook will help you answer questions such as: *What kind of investor am I and how does this affect my retirement?

*What types of assets can I invest in for retirement?

*What do I do with my super?

*How do allocated pensions and annuities work?

*What happens to my money if I die?

*What are some tips on managing financial risks in retirement?

*Getting financial advice in retirement - what's the process and what's the cost?

Written by Hosanna Smith, a Senior Financial Adviser specialising in retirement planning for Australians for over 10 years. The information contained in these books is general in nature and readers should seek their own professional advice before making any financial decisions.