Allocated Pensions and Account Based Pensions

allocated pensions
Allocated Pensions, also called "Account Based Pensions" come in many forms.

An account based pension is a flexible tax-effective retirement income stream that represents the income phase of superannuation. Account based pensions provide flexible income payments and the choice of investment options. The value of the pension depends upon the investment returns of the investment options selected and the amount of income withdrawn each year.

At Limestone Insurance & Financial Services we can help you with:

  • Choosing an allocated pension fund or review an existing fund
  • Selecting your investment strategy
  • Determining your income requirements in retirement
  • Selecting a pension draw-down strategy
  • Centrelink/DVA implications of our advice 
  • Checking your eligibility for Centrelink or benefits, concessions or cards that might be available to you
  • Retirement projections to see how long your funds may last 
  • Organising rollovers from multiple super funds, if applicable 
  • Ongoing administration of paperwork
  • Estate planning consequences of your investment  - what happens in the event of death?
  • Regular reviews to ensure the investments are still appropriate for you, and we adjust them if conditions or your circumstances change

When choosing the right allocated pension for you, we check: 

  • what type of funds are available
  • what investment options you can choose
  • what fees you’ll pay for both management and investments
  • other fund features and services such as Binding Death Benefit Nominations and Reversionary Pension nominations

Options we consider if you want to change your allocated pension fund:

  • exit/termination fees
  • how the change affects your retirement benefit
  • how the fund has performed 
  • the ongoing fees in your fund
  • Centrelink implications, if applicable 

Your first appointment is always free
and is no obligation to proceed. The first appointment is about us getting to know you, and for you to determine whether you feel comfortable and confident dealing with us to assist you with your financial advice needs. So why not book an appointment and have a chat with us - on us!

1. The first appointment is free for new clients of Limestone Insurance & Financial Services. A fee may be charged if you proceed with a Financial Plan (We will provide an accurate quote for a Financial Plan, after which you can decide if you want to proceed). Some or all of our advice fees may be able to be paid via your super, depending on the type of advice you are requesting.