Superannuation Advice

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At Limestone Insurance & Financial Services we can help you with:

  • Choosing a super fund
  • Selecting your investment strategy
  • Deciding what insurance you need
  • Boosting your super with extra contributions
  • Finding and consolidating all your super accounts
  • Changing funds if you need to
  • Taking advantage of government incentives that might be available

When we provide advice on your superannuation, we check: 

  • what type of fund it is 
  • what investment options you can choose
  • what fees you’ll pay for both management funds and investments
  • death and disability benefits and insurance premiums
  • other fund features and services

Options we consider if you want to change super funds: 

  • exit/termination fees
  • higher/lower employer contributions
  • any changes in insurance cover
  • how the change affects your retirement benefit
  • how the fund has performed 
  • the ongoing fees in your fund 

Do you need insurance?

Most funds offer insurance that can provide greater financial security for you and your family. Being insured through super is generally an easy option and cost-effective because premiums are paid from your pre-tax income. Insurance premiums are usually deducted from your super account, which reduces your super, unless your employer pays for your cover.

Super funds typically offer three types of insurance for members:

We find the answers to the following questions for you: 

  • Do you get insurance cover automatically without a health check?
  • Can you opt out and not be charged? (You may already have insurance in another super fund or outside super)
  • Are there any limitations for age, dangerous activities, part-time or casual work?
  • What happens when you’re on extended leave e.g. maternity leave?
  • What is the insurance premium?
  • What happens to your cover if you change funds?

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